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Firm name
Furuya Eco-Front Technology Co., Ltd.
Address of
〒 Minami Otsuka Building, 2-37-5 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005, Japan
Location of plant
〒 Higashitsukuba Niihari Kogyodanchi, 57-4, Sawabe, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki 300-4104, Japan
Overseas Subsidiary
Furuya Eco-Front Technology Shanghai.,Ltd
Room 1101(B) of Tower A, No.319 Xianxia road,Changning
District,Shanghai City, 200051 China
Overseas base
Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China
【Board Chairman】
Kuwabara Hideki
Wei Chen( Anglo Platinum Marketing Ltd)

Odaka Shand
Matsumoto Shigeyuki
Benny Oeyen ( Anglo Platinum Marketing Ltd)

Uehara Shigenori
Date of incorporation
May 27, 2020
250 million yen
Ratio of capital contribution
Furuya Metal Co., Ltd. 60%
Anglo Platinum Marketing Ltd. 40%
Scope of Business
Development, manufacturing, sales and export of preservation, anti-mildew, antibacterial, deodorization and other environmental purification products using low-temperature active catalysts

Speech of representative


 Japan’s annual food loss and scrap volume reach 6.34 million tons*1, which is equivalent to the volume of more than 1,170 10-ton large trucks every day. The annual per capita food loss is as high as 51 kg*2 , ranking last on the list of Asian countries.

 Our food arrives on the consumer’s table through many people such as producers, logistics companies, and sellers. By extending the shelf life to reduce food waste, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced and energy can be saved, which will produce huge economic effects.

 We use catalyst technology that is active at room temperature and low temperature to reduce energy consumption caused by food loss and scrap, and to achieve sustainable society.

 Under the action of precious metals, FT-eco catalyst not only preserves the freshness of vegetables at room temperature, but also has such functions as anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, deodorization, and decomposing VOC gas that causes indoor air pollution.

 Japanese universities and research institutions have scientifically proven that this mechanism does not produce any substances that are harmful to the human health and can maintain its function for a long time. Nano-platinum particles in FT-eco catalyst have been widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, beauty and health products.

 At present, some parts of the world are facing food shortages; on the contrary, some countries waste a lot of food, and the problem of uneven distribution of global food supply is accelerating. In the least developed countries, about 800 million people are facing diseases and health problems due to severe hunger and malnutrition, and the huge losses incurred by producers in the process of delivering food to consumers without the introduction of the cold chain are also a major issue.

 The FT-eco catalyst, which preserves vegetable freshness at room temperature, and has anti-mildew, antibacterial, and deodorization activities, is an epoch-making product that can contribute to these areas, and we will further promote research and development so that this technology can bring smiles to the people of the countries facing food problems in the world.

1: 2019 data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
2: Consumer Policy Division, Consumer Affairs Agency, June 2020
Speech of representative
Speech of representative
Board Chairman
Kuwabara Hideki